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About Otomi

Otomi is an open source self-hosted PaaS to run on top of Kubernetes and is placed in the CNCF landscape under the PaaS/Container Service section. A PaaS attempts to connect many of the technologies found in the CNCF landscape in a way to provide direct value to developers.


  • Easy to install
  • Works out-of-the-box
  • Comes with ready-to-use, pre-configured and built-in applications
  • Install all your favorite Kubernetes apps in one run
  • Unified user experience (web UI)
  • All apps are pre-configured based on sane defaults
  • Turn apps on/off to create your ideal suite of apps
  • Developer Self-service features
  • Delegation of control
  • Advanced Multi-tenancy
  • Adjust the configuration of apps based on Configuration as Code
  • One UI to access all apps and self-service features
  • Kubernetes-native: Install Otomi on any Kubernetes cluster in any cloud or your private (on-premises) infrastructure
  • Over 20 pre-configured and integrated apps for Kubernetes

After installing Otomi on Kubernetes, you can sign in and immediately start deploying applications.

Why Otomi?

Otomi empowers developers and lowers the burden on IT operations. Otomi provides opinions and choices around how to piece/glue together the various open source tools needed to run applications. Otomi:

  • Allows for customization and extensibility
  • Comes with with curated industry proven applications and policies for better governance and security
  • Offers an enterprise-grade platform experience out-of-the-box
  • Increases developer efficiency and makes developers self-serving
  • Offers carefully crafted sane defaults to minimize configuration effort and speed up time to market
  • Incorporates the 12-factor app methodology and Kubernetes best-practices

Check out the following sections to understand the reasoning and decisions made involving the development of Otomi: