Working with Otomi CLI

ATTENTION: The new Otomi CLI is still in PREVIEW!

A new install path will soon be made available. If you encounter problems, please create an issue here.


  • Docker
  • Bash v4

Otomi CLI only supports Bash -ge version 4.Install or upgrade on Mac OS:

brew install bash

Install the CLI#

wget -O /usr/local/bin/otomi && chmod +x /usr/local/bin/otomi

Note: the image used is rather large, so this might take some time.

Run the following command:

docker pull otomi/core:otomi-zx

and then:

otomi --help

Single run#

bash <(wget -q -O- <COMMANDS HERE>

Command Reference#

otomi applyApply K8S resources
otomi bashRun interactive bash shell in otomi-core container
otomi bootstrapBootstrap values repo with artifacts corresponding to the cluster's stack version
otomi check-policiesCheck if generated manifests adhere to defined OPA policies
otomi commitExecute wrapper for generate pipelines -> git commit changed files
otomi decrypt [files..]Decrypts file(s) given as arguments (relative to env folder), or all env/.secrets.yaml to env/.secrets.yaml.dec files
otomi destroyDestroy all or some charts
otomi diffDiff k8s resources
otomi encrypt [files..]Encrypt file(s) given as arguments (relative to env folder), or all env/*.secrets.yaml files
otomi gen-drone
otomi gen-sops
otomi hf [args..]
otomi lint
otomi pullWrapper for git pull && otomi bootstrap
otomi regcred
otomi rotate-keys
otomi score-template
otomi status
otomi syncSync k8s resources
otomi template [outDir]Export k8s resources
otomi testRun tests against the target cluster
otomi validate-templatesValidate generated manifests against supported k8s versions/CRDs and best practices
otomi validate-valuesValidate values for each cluster against JSON schema (takes target options)
otomi valuesShow helmfile values for target cluster
otomi xExecute command in container