Working with Otomi CLI

When you would like to do local development, you will operate on the values directly and have to apply them manually.

Install Otomi CLI#

If you haven't deployed Otomi with the CLI, install the Otomi CLI first. See here to install Otomi CLI.

Pull the values#

Clone the otomi/values repository from gitea.<your.domain>/otomi/values (if not already done) to work with the values locally.

git clone https://gitea.<your.domain>/otomi/values.git
cd values
ATTENTION: Are you using SOPS? Then do first do the following:
  • Make sure you have installed the SOPS extention for VSC.
  • Add your .secrets file to the values folder
  • Source the secrets: source .secrets
  • Decrypt the secrets by running otomi decrypt

Bootstap the values#

First create a .env file in the env folder and add the following line:

echo 'export K8S_CONTEXT="<the-context-of-your-k8s-cluster>"' > .env

Bootstap the local values:

otomi bootstap

Adding a new team to the values#

In the following steps we are going to create a team with the name 'demo':

1. Modify the teams.yaml#

Add the team to the values/env/teams.yaml:

id: demo
groupMapping: <group-object-id> # The id of the AD group with the team members who need access to the team

Add the team to the secrets.teams.yaml (or secrets.teams.yaml.dec when using SOPS):

password: somesecretvalue

When using SOPS, first encrypt the team password:

otomi encrypt

Add the following 3 files to the /env/teams folder:

  1. external-secrets.demo.yaml
  2. jobs.demo.yaml
  3. services.demo.yaml

Each file should contain an empty object:


validate changes (optional)#

Now validate the new values based on the Otomi values schema:

otomi validate-values

Use -v to get more output (or -vvv to get even more output). See here for a full list of otomi validate command options. When successful, the output will show: otomi:validate-values:verbose Values validation SUCCESSFUL

Deploy changes#

Deploy the changes using Otomi CLI:

otomi apply

Use -v to get more output (or -vvv to get even more output). See here for a full list of otomi apply command options.

Note: Creating a team can take around 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

Commit changes#

Now commit your changes to the (otomi/values) GIT repository on the cluster to store the new desired state configuration.