Console Overview

The Otomi CE Console (Community Edition) gives a read-only interface that shows the following:

  • The logged in user and the teams belonging to, allowing to switch team operating for.
  • The settings in use by the cluster: software version
  • The list of clusters in use by Otomi, allowing to switch to another cluster's console and thus, apps to work with.
  • The list of admin applications (if admin) and a list of team applications (if team to operate for is chosen).

Screenshot (admin role):

Console apps

Otomi Enterprise Edition license needed for self service functionality

If you have a license for Otomi EE you will get many more capabilities not found in the CE version.

Administration of the Otomi Container Platform can be done most easily through the Otomi EE Console, which needs an enterprise license. The below information is solely aimed at operations through the Otomi EE Console, and is served when choosing "Help" from within the Console context.

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