Configuring teams

This page describes how to create a team, and how to edit a team. Both creating and editing a team use the same form.

Screenshot (admin perspective):

Console: new team

NameA name for the team (lowercase). Can not be changed afterwards! Will result in the creation of namespace team-$NAME.
ClustersWhich clusters the team will work with
Alerting EndpointChoose which endpoints to alert to.
Azure MonitorConfigure to use an Azure Monitor endpoint

Alerting Endpoint#

In order to receive alerts, please choose an alerting endpoint.

NOTE: When a field is left empty it will default to the global admin value for that field, if that exists.

SlackNeeds a slack webhook url that will give alerts for warnings and criticals
Microsoft TeamsNeeds two alerting endpoints, for both warnings as well as criticals
EmailYou may provide a list of email addresses for both 'Non Critical' and 'Critical'
NoneGlobal (admin) alerting endpoint configuration will be used

Azure Monitor#

Azure Monitor is the platform service that provides a single source for monitoring Azure resources.

No Azure monitoring-
Azure monitoring with global settingsTakes on the global settings
Azure monitoring with custom settingsOverrides any global settings