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View container logs


Prerequisite: For this lab, Loki and Grafana need to be activated.

When your application is deployed, you would of course like to be able to see container logs for debugging purposes. Grafana Loki is used in Otomi for log aggregation. When Grafana Loki is enabled, you'll see the Loki app in your apps.


Only when Otomi is configured in multi-tenant mode, container logs of teams are split up between teams. This means you can only see the logs of your own team. If multi-tenancy is not enabled, you can see the logs of all containers running on the cluster. If you don't want other teams to see your logs, ask the administrator to enable the Otomi multi-tenancy feature.

View container logs

  • Open the Loki app in your team apps


In Grafana, you are directed to the Explore section. Otomi already added a query for you, showing the logs of all containers running in your team namespace


Adjust the query to your own needs. Loki uses LogQL as a query language. Learn more about LOgQL here

Creating shortcuts

When you created a custom query that you would like to use more often, or would like to share with the team, you can create a shortcut in Otomi.

  • Copy the absolute path of your query

  • In the apps section, click on the Settings icon of the Loki app

  • Click on the Shortcuts tab

  • Click edit

  • Click on Edd item

  • Fill in the Title, Description and the Path for the shortcut


  • Click submit and then click Deploy Changes

Now click on the Shortcuts item in the left menu. Your shortcut is now available for everyone in the team to use.