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Create a private Git repo

As a developer you'll need a Git repository for your code. Most organizations will probably have a central code repository like Gitlab, or use Github. But if you don't, Otomi has you covered. Otomi includes a complete self-hosted Git solution called Gitea.

As a team member, you can create and manage your own repositories.

Create a private repository

In the apps section in Otomi console, you'll see an app called Gitea. Click on it.


Now follow these steps:

  • Click on Sign In with OpenID


  • Click on + New Repository


  • Fill in a Repository Name
  • Optional: Enable Initialize Repository
  • Optional: Make Repository Private
  • Click on Create Repository

Your repo is now ready to be used!



Note that you as a user are now the owner of this repo and can add other team members to collaborate. Otomi does not create a group in Gitea that contains all the team member. Team members first have to sign in to Gitea (using OpenID) before they can be added to an existing repo.