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Build images from application source


Prerequisite: For this lab, Harbor and Tekton needs to be activated.

When your team is using Harbor for private image registries and Tekton is enabled on the platform level. you can build images from source using pre-configured Tekton pipelines and buildpacks from paketo to build images from application source.

In this lab, you are going to create a build, using the Spring Pet Clinic sample app and buildpacks. When using the buildpacks option, Otomi uses buildpacks to build an image based on application source code without using a Dockerfile.

  1. In the right menu, click on Build
  2. Click on Create Build


  1. Fill in a name for your build and (optional) a tag
  2. Choose Buildpacks
  3. In the Application source section, fill in the following:


  1. Click Submit

When the build is ready, you will see the image in Harbor:

  1. Open Harbor
  2. Click on the project of your team. Here you will see all the registries of the team, including the registry of the new build image