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Switch to use DNS

When Otomi is installed with minimal values, a custom CA is generated and Otomi uses for host names. It is possible to switch from to using a DNS zone after installing Otomi initially without DNS. To switch from to a DNS zone, follow the instructions as described below.

Step 1: Enable external DNS flag

  • Sing in to Otomi Console with user otomi-admin
  • In the left menu, click on Setting under Platform
  • Click on Otomi
  • Enable the External DNS option
  • Click on Submit

Step 2: Provide DNS values

  • Go back to the Settings and click DNS
  • Provide the Domain filter and optionally the Zone id filters
  • Select your Provider
  • Provide the required values
  • Click on Submit

Step 3: Set cluster domain suffix

  • Go back to the Settings and click Cluster
  • Provide the cluster Domain Suffix
  • Click on Submit

Step 4 (optional): Use Let's Encrypt

Let's Encrypt requires a DNS zone. So if you would like to start using Let's Encrypt as a CA, now you can.

  • Click on Apps under platform
  • Click on the cert-manager app
  • Click on the values tab
  • Fill in an email address with a valid domain name (required!)
  • Under Issuer, click on Lets Encrypt
  • Select Production
  • Click on Submit

Step 5: Deploy Changes

In the left menu, click on Deploy Changes

Wait for the Drone runner to finish:

kubectl get pod -n drone-pipelines -w

Step 6: Adjust the webhook in Gitea

Open Gitea and follow these steps:

First sign in to the Otomi Console using the new domain name: https://otomi.<your-domain-name>

  • Click on Apps under Platform
  • Click on the Gitea app
  • Sign in
  • Click on the otomi/values repository
  • Click Settings
  • Click Webhooks
  • Click on the existing webhook (https://drone.<ip-address>
  • Change the domain name in the target URL to your new domain name
  • Click Update Webhook

Step 7: Restart and Authorize Drone

After the webhook is adjusted, restart Drone:

kubectl delete pod -n drone -l app=drone

When the pods have restarted and are in a running state:

  • Click on Apps under Platform
  • Click on the Drone app
  • Click on Sign In on the 404 page
  • Click Continue
  • Click on Authorize Application
  • Complete the Drone registration
  • Click Submit

Now you still see the pipeline running of the DNS change is still running. You can manually cancel the pipeline by clicking on the pipeline and then click cancel in the top right.

You're ready to go!