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Deploy a BYO Helm chart

Otomi offers a self-service feature to create 3 types of workloads:

In this Lab you're going to create a workload in Otomi to install your're own Helm chart and we'll be using the Otomi demo Hello World Nodejs Helm chart.

Creating a Workload to install your Helm chart

  • Click on Workloads in the left menu.
  • Click on Create Workload


  • Select Bring your own Helm chart


  • Enter the following name for the workload


  • Enter the URL to the Git repo containing the Helm chart or a Helm repository

  • Add the Path of the chart within the repo:



  • Click Next
  • We are going to use the default chart values, so there is no need to fill in any values here
  • Click Submit

The values of a workload can be changed at any time. Changes will automatically be deployed.