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Push your container images


For this lab, Harbor needs to be activated and the cluster needs to be configured with trusted certificates (like Let's Encrypt using production certificate).

Login to Harbor

To be able to push images to Harbor, you'll need a robot account with push permissions. Otomi offers teams with a self-service option to download the Docker config for their team's private registry in Harbor. In the left menu you will see the option Download DOCKERCFG. Click on it to download the credentials.


When you have downloaded the docker config then run docker login:

docker login -u 'otomi-team-<team-name>-push' -p <token> harbor.<your-domain>

If Docker refuses to connect with an error x509: certificate signed by unknown authority, go to the Otomi Console, and click Download CA (if you have not done so already); then copy the obtained file to ~/.docker/ca.crt or restart docker desktop.

  • Build and tag your image
docker build -t harbor.<your-domain>/<team-name>/<image-name>:<tag> .
  • Push the image to Harbor
docker push harbor.<your-domain>/<team-name>/<image-name>:<tag>