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Getting started with Otomi

Provision a Kubernetes cluster

To get started with Otomi, first provision a Kubernetes cluster. Read the minimal requirements in the prerequisites to make sure your cluster is ready to install Otomi.

We have created quickstarts for Azure, GCP, AWS, Linode, Digital Ocean and Minikube to help you spin-up a Kubernetes cluster.


When using Minikube, only Otomi Core apps can be used! Activating more apps will require more compute resources. We advise to have a node pool available with at least 12 vCPU and 32 GiB memory.

Install Otomi

Use the Otomi Helm chart to install Otomi on your Kubernetes cluster. In order to guarantee exact outcomes, we strongly advise to follow these steps:

Explore Otomi

To help you start using Otomi, we have prepared a comprehensive set of hands-on labs to get a good understanding/overview of Otomi. Go to the workshops repository to get started.