Post install configuration

After installing Otomi, a couple of post install configuration actions are required. Follow these instructions:

Sign in to the Otomi Console#

Open the url in the browser of your choice https://otomi.<domainSuffix>. The domainSuffix can be found in the values.yaml that was provided during installation.

If Otomi is configured with OIDC (using Azure AD as an IDP), click on the right button (redkubes-azure in the example below). If you did not configure OIDC, then first create a user in Keycloak. and add this user to the otomi-admin group.


After you have successfully logged in, you will see the Otomi Dashboard.. To learn more about using Otomi Console, checkout Otomi Console



Activate Drone#

Gitea and Drone are an integral part of how Otomi cluster configurations are stored and updated. Click on the Gitea app (under Platform/Otomi Apps) in the console. It will open a new browser tab and show the sign in page of Gitea. Sign in into with the default otomi-admin account.


After sign in, it can take a couple of minutes before the otomi/values repository becomes visible.


The otomi/values repository holds the otomi cluster configuration and is updated whenever new changes occur through the console. Now head back to the console to activate Drone.


Click on the Drone app and it should open a new tab as shown below,


Select Activate, and then ACTIVATE REPOSITORY


Save the changes and you are good to go.


Now the final step is to create a Team. See the Teams page for more information.