Known Issues: Using a custom CA

When using a BYO CA or a auto-generated CA, some Otomi functionality may not work.

Can not pull images from Harbor when using a custom CA#


When running Otomi on Azure AKS (version 1.19 and up), it is not possible to pull images from Harbor because the CA is not valid.


When Otomi is installed with minimal values, a CA is automatically generated and added to the worker nodes using a DeamonSet. From AKS 1.19, Docker has been replaced by Containerd. Docker automatically picked up these cert files, but although Containerd has a similar functionality, this requires the registry configpath parameter to be set. By default this parameter is empty on the AKS worker nodes.


Add the CA.crt manually to the worker nodes. Also see Azure AKS issue #1940. A solution is expected by the end of January 2022.