Known Issues: Istio

When working with Istio you can expect to run into the following issues:

Stale Keycloak JWKS cache#


`Jwks doesn't have key to match kid or alg from Jwt`

Cause The istio-proxy sidecar caches JWKS with a TTL of 20 minutes. The TTL is a hardcoded parameter (JwtPubKeyRefreshInterval) and cannot be configured. By redeploing keycloak kid or alg can change, thus JWKS that is cached by istio-proxy sidecar is not valid anymore.

Solution Either wait 20 minutes, so JWKS is refreshed or kill all pods that are referenced by a RequestAuthentication resource. All services that have authz.workload set will have one (see: core.yaml).

Istio log errors#

When you see errors in the logs like such:

error authorization skipped rule ns[monitoring]-policy[grafana-dev-eks-otomi-cloud]-rule[0]: :authority must not be used in TCP

These are not real errors, but logged incorrectly: