Build, tag and push an image to Harbor

In this tutorial, you are going to:

  1. Build an image and push it to Harbor in Otomi
  2. Create a Kubernetes Deployment and Service
  3. Publicly expose the Hello World app using Otomi

When you created a Team in Otomi, Otomi has automatically created a project for the team in Harbor. In this tutorial we'll assume you have created a team called demo.

Create a robot account in Harbor#

  • Go to https://harbor.<your domainSuffix>
  • Click 'Login with OIDC Provider'
  • In projects page, click on team-demo
  • on the team-demo page, click on Robot Accounts
  • Click on New Robot Account
  • Set Name=hello, Expiration Time=Never and then click on Add
  • Copy the generated Token

Download the demo application used in this tutorial#

Clone the repo used for this tutorial:

git clone

Login to Harbor#

Login with username otomi-team-demo+hello & password: token

docker login -u 'otomi-team-demo+hello' -p '$token'

Build, tag and push the image#

Build and tag the image:

docker build -t .

Push the image to Harbor:

docker push

Now go to the team-demo project and verify that the hello-world repository has been created.