Create and expose a Knative service with Otomi

In his tutorial, we are going to create a Knative service with Otomi Console and publicly expose it.

  • In the top bar in Otomi Console, select team demo
  • In the left panel under the Team demo, click Services then click on Create Service
  • Fill in the form with these values:
  1. Name: hello-otomi
  2. Exposure: Public
  3. Service type: New Knative service
  4. In the Security context block, fill in 1001 in the Run As User field
  5. In the Container image block, fill in the name of the image you previously pushed to Harbor in the Repository field and fill in latest in the Tag field
  6. In the Container resources block, fill in the Limits and Requests (use the provided values: 50m and 64Mi)
  7. Click on Submit
  8. Click on Deploy Changes (the Deploy Changes button in the left panel will light-up after you click on submit)

Deploying changes in Otomi usually takes around 3 to 4 minutes.

Go to to see the app.