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Creating teams

In this tutorial, we are going to create a Team in Otomi. Teams in Otomi serve the following purpose:

  • Creating a namespace on the cluster, configuring RBAC and setting default quota's

  • Provide self-service options for team members in Otomi Console

  • Isolate traffic between teams

  • Optionally: Separate team metrics and logs. When multi-tenancy is not enabled (default), metrics and logs are not separated (providing all users the admin role to see cluster wide metrics and logs)


The multi-tenancy option in Otomi is not enabled by default. Team metrics and logs will be separated per team when multi-tenancy is enabled. When multi-tenancy is disabled this effectively gives all users the admin role for logs and metrics, including metrics and logs of all platform services. For this lab, we will not enable multi-tenancy. To see if multi-tenancy is enabled, go to Settings under the Platform section in the side menu and then select Otomi. At the bottom of the page you will see the flag Multi-tenancy.

Let's create a Team!


  1. In the side menu, click on Teams under the Platform section

  2. Click on Create Team

  3. Provide a name for the team. For the purpose of these tutorials we recommend using demo

  4. Under NetworkPolicy, disable Network policies and Egress control (we will activate this later on)

  5. Leave all other settings default

  6. Click on submit

  7. Click on Deploy Changes (this will become active after in the side menu after you submit a change)

  8. Select your team in the top bar. Here you can select your context (cluster and team)

  9. In the side menu, the team section will now become visible