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Create a Workload

In his tutorial, we are going to create a Workload in Otomi.

  • In the top bar in Otomi Console, select team: demo
  • In the left menu panel under Team demo, click Workloads then click on Create Workload
  • Fill in the form with these values:
  1. Name: hello-world
  2. URL of the Git repo:
  3. Path: chart/hello-world

Click submit. You will now be asked to provide values for the chart. Click Edit and add the following value:

replicaCount: 2
  • Click Submit
  • Click on Deploy Changes (the Deploy Changes button in the left panel will light-up after you click on submit)

The new workload will now be in the list of workloads.

  • Click on Application

What do you see?

Go back to Otomi Console to edit the values of the workload. Set the replicacount to 1.

What do you see happening in the Argo CD app?