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Otomi is an open source self-hosted PaaS to run on top of any Kubernetes cluster and is placed in the CNCF landscape under the PaaS/Container Service section. Otomi attempts to connect many of the technologies found in the CNCF landscape in a way to provide direct value. Otomi can be installed on any Kubernetes cluster, offering a multi and hybrid platform experience out-of-the-box. No more re-inventing the wheel when building and maintaining your own Kubernetes based (internal developer) platform or bespoke stack.


Developers - To focus on their apps only

  • Deploy containerized apps without writing any YAML manifests
  • Get a standardized set of observability tools
  • Store charts and images in a private registry
  • Build and run custom CI pipelines
  • Enable declarative end-to-end app lifecycle management
  • Configure ingress for apps with a single click
  • Manage secrets

Platform & Operations teams - To setup and manage production-ready Kubernetes-based platforms

  • Skip the Day-0 and Day-1 effort and minimize Day-2 operations
  • Avoid creating and maintaining multiple bespoke Kubernetes stacks
  • Onboard development teams on shared clusters in a comprehensive multi-tenant setup
  • Get all the required observability tools in an integrated way
  • Ensure governance with security policies
  • Implement zero-trust networking with east-west and north-south network control within K8s
  • Provide self-service features to development teams
  • Change the desired state of the platform based on configuration-as-code
  • Support multi and hybrid cloud use cases
  • Offer a standardized set of tools to all development teams

DevOps teams - To take full control and responsibility over the complete stack

  • Get all the tools needed to build, deploy, run and manage apps on Kubernetes