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Product Roadmap

In 2023 we aim to incorporate the following features

We will make a destinction between developer-workflow and platform operations:

Developer workflow

FeaturePlanned forStatus
Self-service default Response headers per serviceQ1Ready
Deploy Helm and Knative workloads using Otomi and ArgoCDQ1
Separate workloads from services. Services will be used for ingress/egressQ1In progress
Download a push secret for the teams private image registryQ1
Independent Drone pipelines for teamsQ2

Platform operations

FeaturePlanned forStatus
Upgrade Harbor and add db backup optionQ1Ready
Integrate Thanos for multi-cluster monitoringQ1PR
Split-up cloud and storage configuration for VeleroQ1PR
Define ingress-nginx settings for each ingress classQ1In progress
Upgrade external secrets operator and add option for cluster-wide secretsQ1PR
Add AlertManager receivers for WatchdogQ1
Support for Kubernetes version 1.24Q1In progress
Integrate Falco for threat detectionQ2
Make Otomi compliant to the NSA hardening guideQ2In progress
Pod sec policy exceptions need to be approved by platform adminQ2
Harden Istio service mesh configurationQ2
Support use of Istio egress gateway without disrupting outbound trafficQ2
A platform admin can configure the shared apps available for a teamQ3