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Supported Kubernetes version

We are dedicated to maintain support for three different Kubernetes versions within a specific major version of Otomi. Whenever we decide to discontinue support for a particular Kubernetes version, we increment the major version of Otomi.

Otomi VersionSupported Kubernetes versionExpected date
v1.0.01.25, 1.26, 1.272023-09-28
v2.0.01.25, 1.26, 1.272023-11-28
v3.0.01.26, 1.27, 1.282024-03-28


2023 Q4

  • Provide a developer catalog in Gitea ✅
  • Migrate platform pipeline from Drone to Tekton ✅
  • Leverage Argo CD to deploy Otomi apps and Teams 🔄
  • Quality assurance cluster for continuous Otomi hardening and performance testing ✅

2024 Q1

  • Provide UI interface for adding Helm charts to developer catalog in Gitea 🔄
  • Implement a new secret management solution (as a replacement for Hashicorp Vault)
  • Implement status indicators within Otomi Console to keep Team users informed about the status of various components, including Build processes, Workload management, and Service availability
  • Harden the Istio service mesh configuration
  • Add support for ARM architecture
  • Enable user configurable storage classes
  • Implement Gitea with a database managed by the CloudNativePG operator
  • Provide disaster recovery procedures for Otomi core applications, such as Gitea, Keycloak and Harbor

2024 Q2

  • Add Team Dashboards to provide an overview of team resource status using Prometheus metrics
  • Enhance network policies across the platform
  • Establish separate Kubernetes namespaces for Team Applications
  • Ensure Otomi's NSA and CISA compliance
  • Provide Application specific dashboards

After Q2 2024

After Q2 2024 we have the following goals:

  • Make Otomi more plugable by enabling users to bring their own platform apps
  • Offer more middleware services (like caching, message queuing, databases)
  • Migrate to ambient mesh using eBPF
  • Remove platform app forms in favor of generated values that can be customized in an editor