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Clone Otomi Instance

It may happen that you need to move Otomi to another Kubernetes cluster. Because Otomi is a GitOps driven platfrom, you can export existing values that can then be used to install a new Otomi instance.


This procedure does not cover cloning the persistent volumes from your old cluster.


  • Otomi version >= v2.6


Download values file

  1. Sign in as an admin
  2. Select the platform view in the top bar
  3. Navigate to the Maintenance page in the left menu bar
  4. Click the Download Otomi values link
  5. The values should be in your Downloads folder.

It is advised to keep this file save as it contains passwords and access credentials.

Use the values to install a new Otomi instance

Depending on your use case, you may need to change some settings from the values.yaml file before using it to install a new Otomi instance. The most common use cases:

  • Change the domianSuffix
  • Change the team service URLs
  • Change the access credentials to cloud resources
  • Change the Otomi license key

Once the values.yaml file is ready you can use Helm to install Otomi on to a new Kubernetes cluster:

helm install -f values.yaml otomi otomi/otomi