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Cert-Manager is used by Otomi to automatically create and rotate wildcard TLS certificates for service endpoints. You may bring your own CA, or let Otomi create one for you. If you bring your own trusted wildcard certificate, then cert-manager will not manage this certificate.


The wildcard certificate must be valid for the following domain *.<cluster.domainSuffix>, where the value of <cluster.domainSuffix> comes from the cluster.yaml file.


Setting Cert-Manager to use Letsencrypt requires DNS availability of the requesting domains, and forces Otomi to install ExternalDNS. Because a lot of DNS settings are used by other Otomi contexts, all DNS configuration can be found here.

Configuration Values

The following values can be configured:

issuerIndicates the origin of the wildcard certificate. Set custom-ca to instruct cert-manager to derive certificate from the customRootCA. Set letsencrypt to instruct cert-manager to request certificate from letsencrypt endpoint. Set byo-wildcard-cert to provide your own wildcard certificate.
customRootCACA that is used to create and verify self-signed certificates. Leave it empty to generate one automatically
customRootCAKeyCA private key that is used to issue certificates. Leave it empty to generate one automatically
byoWildcardCertBring your own trusted wildcard certificate
byoWildcardCertKeyA certificate key corresponding to the byoWildcardCert
emailRequired when using the Let's Encrypt Issuer
stageRequired when using the Let's Encrypt Issuer. Choose between staging or production
resourcesConfigure Request and Limits for cert-manager