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Since Otomi has security best practices built in, it is designed for intrusion. Istio is installed by Otomi as a service mesh to deliver the following capabilities:

  • mTLS enforcement for all traffic that is deemed compromisable
  • egress control, forcing teams to choose explicit egress endpoints
  • advanced routing capabilities such as weight based load balancing (A/B or blue/green testing)

In the future we might make it possible to opt out of Istio, but that effectively nullifies the mTLS capabilities and egress control.

Known issues

Stale Keycloak JWKS cache


Jwks doesn't have key to match kid or alg from Jwt

Cause The istio-proxy sidecar caches JWKS with a TTL of 20 minutes. The TTL is a hardcoded parameter (JwtPubKeyRefreshInterval) and cannot be configured. By redeploing keycloak kid or alg can change, thus JWKS that is cached by istio-proxy sidecar is not valid anymore.

Solution Either wait 20 minutes, so JWKS is refreshed or kill all pods that are referenced by a RequestAuthentication resource. All services that have authz.workload set will have one (see: core.yaml).

Istio log errors

When you see errors in the logs like such:

error    authorization    skipped rule ns[monitoring]-policy[grafana-dev-eks-otomi-cloud]-rule[0]: :authority must not be used in TCP

These are not real errors, but logged incorrectly: