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Velero can be activated for creating backups of PVC's and Kubernetes resources.



Velero in Otomi uses the Velero plugin for Microsoft Azure. To setup Velero in Azure, follow the instructions here. Note that Otomi only supports the use of Service Principals.


Velero in Otomi uses the Velero plugin for AWS. To setup Velero in AWS, follow the instructions here.


To start using Velero, follow these steps:

  1. Activate the Velero app by dragging the app to the activated apps section.
  2. Click on the app en go to the Values tab
  3. Select the provider used for your Kubernetes cluster
  4. Fill in the required fields
  5. Go to Settings and select Backup
  6. Select the preferred backup schedule (platform and/or team) and optionally change the settings
  7. Click Deploy Changes

Velero will now be installed and the backup schedules will be created. Check the cloud storage endpoint to see if the backups have been created.

Optionally install the Velero cli.