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Team Settings

Based on self-service options allowed by the platfrom administrator, team members can change the settings of their team.

Configure OIDC group mapping


The OIDC group mapping will only be visible when Otomi is configured with an external Identity Provider (IdP).

Change the OIDC group-mapping to allow access based on group membership.

Managed monitoring

Activate a (platform) managed Grafana, Prometheus or Alertmanager instance for the team. The installed Grafana, Prometheus and Alertmanager will be monitored by the Platform administrator.


Enable to install a Grafana instance for the team.


  • The Grafana instance is automatically configured with a datasource for the Team's Prometheus.
  • If Loki (for logs) is enabled on the Platform, Grafana needs to be enabled here.
  • Grafana is provisioned with multiple dashboards that rely on the Platform Prometheus. If Prometheus on the Platform is not enabled, these dashboards will not work!


Enable to install a Prometheus instance for the team. The Prometheus instance is configured to only scrape metrics from PodMonitors and ServiceMonitors that have the label prometheus: team-<team-name>.


Enable to install an Alertmanager instance for the team. The Alertmanger instance will only show alerts based on Rules from the Team's Prometheus.

Configure alert settings


Alerts settings will only be active when Alertmanager is enabled for the team.

Change the alert settings and preferred notification receivers.

SlackNeeds a slack webhook url that will give alerts for warnings and criticals
Microsoft TeamsNeeds two alerting endpoints, for both warnings as well as criticals
EmailYou may provide a list of email addresses for both 'Non Critical' and 'Critical'
If none selectedGlobal (admin) alerting endpoint configuration will be used

Configure Resource Quotas

When required, add resource quota for the team. The resource quota should adhere to the "spec.hard" format as described here.


There is no validation as there is no schema published. Add/change resource quota at your own risk.

Configure Azure Monitor


Configuring Azure Monitor settings will only be active when cluster.provider=azure.

Azure Monitor is the platform service that provides a single source for monitoring Azure resources.

No Azure monitoring-
Azure monitoring with global settingsTakes on the global settings
Azure monitoring with custom settingsOverrides any global settings

Configure Network Policies

Network policiesWhen enabled team services will be bound by (ingress) network policies
Egress controlWhen enabled team service egress traffic will be limited to pre-defined endpoints only

Team self service flags

The self-service flags (what is a team allowed to) can only be configured by an admin user.


IngressThe Team is allowed to configure External Exposure for a Service
Network policyThe team is allowed to configure network (ingress and egress) for a Service


AlertsThe Team is allowed to configure Alert settings for the team
Billing alert quotasThe team is allowed to configure Billing alert quotas for the team
OIDCThe team is allowed to configure the OIDC group mapping for the team
Resource quotasThe team is allowed to configure resource quotas for the team
Download kube configThe team is allowed to download the Kube Config
Download docker configThe team is allowed to download the Docker Config
Network policyThe team is allowed to the Network policy configuration for the team