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Platform - Backups


To enable this feature, first make sure Velero is activated.

When Velero is activated on the platform level, platform admins can create backups of Persistent Volumes (PVs) in Team namespaces using Otomi Console. When creating backups using Otomi Console, a Velero schedule resource is created that will create the backup at a specified time, defined by a Cron expression.

All known Backups on the platform are listed here. Builds can be sorted based on:

NameThe name of the backup
ScheduleWhen the backup is scheduled to run
TeamThe name of the Team responsible for the backup

Create a backup


Backups of Team PVs can only be created by platform administrators

  1. Select the Team name in the top bar to set the context to the namespace that contains the PV to backup

  2. Enter a name for the backup

  3. Add the schedule of the backup. The schedule is a cron-type expression to schedule the backup. Defaults to once a day at 00:00. Create your cron-type expression here.

  4. (optional) Select Snapshot Volumes to snapshot volumes. This only applies to Persistent Volumes in Azure, GCE, and AWS.

  5. Add a label selector. Make sure your workload has the correct labels.

  6. (optional) Change the default TTL (expiration of the backup). Defaults to 7 days.

  7. Click Submit