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Platform - Builds


To enable this feature, first make sure Harbor and Tekton are activated. To be able to push images to Harbor, Otomi needs to be configured with a DNS and trusted certificates (Lets encrypt with production certificates).

All known Builds on the platform are listed here. Builds can be sorted based on:

NameThe name of the build
TypeType of the build. Buildpacks or Docker
Webhook urlThe copy to clipboard webhook URL if a trigger is configured for the build
TektonLink to the `PipelineRun`` of the build in the Tekton dashboard
RepositoryThe copy to clipboard repository name of the image
TagThe tag of the image
StatusThe status of the Build. If the Build has failed. click on the Tekton link to see more details
TeamThe name of the Team responsible for the build

A platform admin can also create builds. Make sure to select the correct context (team-name) in the top bar. See here for more information about creating builds.