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Labs Overview

Welcome to Otomi! If you are going to use Otomi or like to learn Kubernetes, these labs are for you. Step by step we'll guide you in how to build, deploy, secure and observe containerized applications on Kubernetes. The labs cover the most common activities performed by developer- and/or DevOps teams when using Kubernetes with Otomi.

Make sure everything is ready to get started


Provision a Kubernetes cluster and install Otomi

Create code repositories and build images

Create private Git repositories

Build images

Trigger builds

Create workloads

Create secrets

Create Kubernetes resources with Argo CD

Explore the Catalog

Create a workload using the developer catalog

Configure the auto image updater

Create a PostgreSQL database

Expose workloads

Publicly expose workloads

Secure workloads

Check policy compliance

Scan images for vulnerabilities

Scan your running containers for vulnerabilities

Monitor and debug workloads

View container logs

View container metrics

Using custom metrics

Create custom dashboards

Create custom rules

Monitoring availability

Monitor databases

Advanced Labs

Configuring network policies

Tracing with OpenTelemetry

Canary Deployments