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Using custom metrics

What are custom metrics

Prometheus will collect all kind of standard container metrics like CPU and memory usage, but no (custom) business or customer metrics like the number of customers who logged into your app each hour.

To be able to collect custom metrics you will need to expose this data in your code. This is called instrumentation of code and can include annotating the code with metadata, or adding in logic to calculate and expose data.

Instrumenting code means you write code to expose information about the technical, business, and customer context. This information can then be collected and analyzed using Prometheus and Grafana.

In this lab we'll not dive into the way how to instrument your code. We will use a container that exposes custom metrics and then show how the metrics can be collected and analysed.

Create a Workload

  1. Go to the Catalog and click on the k8s-deployment template

  2. Click on the Values tab

  3. Fill in the name custom-metrics

  4. Use the following values:

pullPolicy: IfNotPresent
tag: latest
- name: web
containerPort: 8080
protocol: TCP
- port: 8080
targetPort: 8080
protocol: TCP
name: web
replicaCount: 2
create: true
- interval: 30s
port: web
scheme: http
path: /q/metrics
  1. Click Submit and then Deploy Changes

Check the status of the ServiceMonitor

Check if the ServiveMonitor has been picked up by Prometheus:

  1. In the left menu go to Apps
  2. Click on the Prometheus app
  3. In Prometheus, click on Status in the top menu and then click Targets
  4. You will now see that the ServiceMonitor has the State UP:


Okay, our metrics are now being scraped by the Team's Prometheus. Before we continue, let's first generate some load:

  1. Go to the Expose services lab and expose the custom-metrics service

  2. Run the following command in your terminal:

for i in {1..1000}; do curl https://custom-metrics-labs.<your-domain>/hello; sleep 10; done
  1. Wait for approximately 10 minutes...

See the custom metrics

To see the metrics:

  1. Open the Prometheus app
  2. In Prometheus, fill in the following Expression: application_greetings_total
  3. Click on Graph
  4. You should now see the following:


Next steps

Prometheus is now scraping our custom metrics. You can now use these metrics to: