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Create a PostgreSQL database

Otomi by default installs the Cloudnative POstgreSQL database operator. Teams can use the operator and the postgresql quick start to create their own PostgreSQL databases.

Create a database

You can create a postgresql database from the developer catalog:

  1. Go to Catalog in the left menu and click on the postgresql template
  2. Click on Values
  3. Fill in a name for the database
  4. Change other parameter values as required
  5. Click Submit and the Deploy Changes

The operator will now create the database and add a secret to the team's namespace called <database-name>-superuser. This secret contains the username and password for the database with the keys username and password.

You can now provide the username and password to a container as environment variables using a secretKeyRef:

name: <database-name>-superuser
key: password
- name: SECRET_KEY
name: <database-name>-superuser
key: username


The postgresql quick start template includes two parameters that can be used to create a PodMonitor and a Grafana Dashboard. Set the monitoring parameter to true to create a PodMonitor and set the dashboard parameter to true to add a cloudnativepg dashboard to the Team's Grafana. Note that this dashboard can be used to monitor multiple databases so you'll just need to create it once.