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Trigger builds

In the previous lab we created a build in Otomi using the blue repo in Gitea. In this lab we'll create a build for the green repo and trigger the build based on a webhook.

Create a build in Otomi with Trigger enabled

  1. In the left menu, click on Builds
  2. Click on Create Build
  3. Fill in the name green for your build
  4. Choose ./Dockerfile and fill in the repo URL for the green repo created in the previous lab: https://gitea.<your-domain>/<gitea-username>/green
  5. Enable Trigger
  6. Click Submit

Get the webhook URL

Before we can configure the webhook for the green repo in Gitea, we will need the webhook URL. You can find this webhook URL for your build in the list of Builds. Add the webhook URL to your clipboard.

trigger build

Also notice that the status of the Build shows an exclamation mark. This is because Otomi created the Pipeline, but the PipelineRun is not yet created because it was not triggered yet.

Create a Webhook

  1. In Otomi Console, click on apps the left menu and then open Gitea
  2. In the top menu of Gitea, click on Explore and then on the green repo
  3. Go to Settings (top right) and then to Webhooks
  4. Click Add Webhook and select Gitea
  5. In the Target URL, paste the webhook URL from your clipboard.
  6. Click Add Webhook

Trigger the build

You can now trigger the build by doing a commit in the green repo, or by testing the webhook. Let's test the webhook:

  1. In Gitea, go to the Settings (top right) of the green repo and then to Webhooks
  2. Click on the webhook we just created
  3. In the bottom, click on Test Delivery

Check the status of the build

The build should now have started. Based on the webhook, Tekton has now created a PipelineRun. Let's check the status of the PipelineRun:

  1. In Otomi Console, click on Builds

Because the Build was triggered, a PipelineRun is now running and the status of the Build will show in progress:

trigger build

When the Build is completed, the status will show healthy:

trigger build

  1. In the list of Builds, click on the PipelineRun link of the green build
  2. Tekton Dashboard will open and show a list of all the PipelineRuns. It will show all PipelineRuns because when using a Trigger, the PipelineRun resource is created based on a template and Otomi will not know the exact name of the PipelineRun because the name is automatically generated.
  3. Click on the PipelineRun with the name docker-trigger-build-green-*
  4. You can now see the the full log of the build