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Create custom dashboards

In the lab Using custom metrics we created a Workload with a ServiceMonitor so the Team's Prometheus can scrape our custom metrics. In this lab we are going to create a custom Grafana dashboard and add the dashboard to a Configmap so the Team's Grafana will automatically load the dashboard.

Create a dashboard in Grafana

  1. In the left menu, click on Apps and open Grafana

  2. Go to the Grafana dashboard homepage

  3. In the top right click on New and then New Dashboard

  4. Click + Add visualization

  5. In the Query tab select Prometheus (default)

  6. In the A collapsible section, select a metric from the Metric drop-down list. In our example we use the application_greetings_total metric

  7. Click Run queries

  8. You should now see a Time series graph like this:


  1. Save the dashboard in Grafana

Make the dashboard persistent

You know know how to create a dashboard in Grafana using custom metrics. You could now save the dashboard, but if Grafana would get re-started, the dashboard would be gone. To make the dashboard persistent we need to add it to a configmap.

  1. Go to apps and open Gitea
  2. In the list of repositories there is a repository called otomi/team-<team-name>-argocd. Go to this repository.
  3. Click Add File and then New File
  4. Name the file my-custom-dashboard.yaml
  5. Add the following manifest to the file:
apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
name: my-custom-dashboard
grafana_dashboard: "1"
release: grafana-dashboards-labs # change labs to the name of your team
my-dashboard.json: |-
# paste your dashboard json here
  1. Before commiting changes, go back to Grafana
  2. Click on Dashboard settings (in the top right)
  3. In the left menu click JSON model
  4. Copy the JSON model and paste it into the ConfigMap. Make sure to indent with 4
  5. Delete the dashboard created in Grafana
  6. Commit changes in Gitea

The dashboard will now automatically be loaded into Grafana.