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Create custom rules

Now we are exporting metrics, these metrics can also be used to generate alerts. To generate alerts, we first need to create a Prometheus Rule:

  1. Go to apps and open Gitea
  2. In the list of repositories there is a repository called otomi/team-<team-name>-argocd. Go to this repository.
  3. Click Add File and then New File
  4. Name the file my-custom-rules.yaml
  5. Add the following manifest to the file:
kind: PrometheusRule
prometheus: team-labs # change labs to the name of your team
name: labs-custom-rules
- name: custom.rules
- alert: 50GreetingsReached
description: We reached 50 greetings!
summary: The number of greetings has reached more than 50.
expr: application_greetings_total > 50
for: 1m
severity: warning
  1. Commit changes in Gitea

See rules in Prometheus

Now let's check to see if Prometheus has picked-up the rule:

  1. Go to Apps and open Prometheus
  2. In the menu click on Status and then Rules. You should now see the rule:


  1. In the menu in Prometheus, click Alerts
  2. You should see an alert has been fired:


See alerts in Alertmanager

  1. Go to Apps and open Alertmanager
  2. You will see Alertmanager has received the alerts from Prometheus:


If a receiver has been configured for the Team, like Slack or email, then you would also have received a message with the alert.